Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Women's Running Event at Runner's Need Waterloo Bridge

I've just got home from the fantastic Women's Running Magazine Event at Runner's Need Waterloo Bridge tonight. After my less than fantastic time at the Nike+ run last night, I was a little apprehensive about going along, but it was such a fantastic evening and made me hugely excited again about running.
How cute are these cupcakes?

We were greeted with champagne and cups cakes (trainers and treats all round!) and took our seats with plenty of time for mingling with the other guests. The room was full of women spanning the decades and of all shapes and sizes. I was sat with two lovely ladies, one who has run lots of half marathons and is recovering from a knee operation, the other has just started running and was looking for some tips.

 The talks started with Christina Macdonald, Editor and Chief of Women's Running with some great tips on what to do when you hit a plateau.
Christina Macdonald - Editor and Chief of Women's running

This was followed by Nina Anderson, british women's No. 1 for 200m, 400m and 800m as well as an experienced running coach. She shared her top tips on training and the importance of knowing why your running. Next up was Mike from Asics talking about trainers and their new minimalist shoe.

Nina Anderson

This was followed by the lovely Nora from Covent Garden Physio  with some great  technique tips as well as injury prevention. And finally the guys from yurbuds headphones promoting there new women's running headphones which "never fall out", got a pair to try out!

the fantastic goodie bag

I learnt tons of tips this evening, but here's a quick run down (no pun intended!) of some of the best.

1) Strength and conditioning, strength and conditioning, strength and conditioning. I think nearly every speaker mentioned the importance of this for improving your running and injury prevention.

2) If you hit a plateau take a few days off running and do something else without feeling guilty

3) Use two different types of shoes whilst training, minimalist for short runs (if your not use to them)

4)FITT training - vary your Frequency, Intensity , Type and Time

5) When training for an event, vary the speed of your training runs so you run race pack, slower than race pace and faster than race pace

My new yurbuds headphones

Overall it was a fantastic and inspiring evening which I highly recommend to all female runners alike, no matter how much or how little running you may have done. Women's running have a few events to follow at other runner's need stores around london, see here for more details.

Happy running


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