Sunday, 23 February 2014

Samira's super power shake

I have a new personal trainer who keeps telling me to eat more protein. In addition every health and fitness magazine is promoting high protein diets at the moment. I've always been a bit reluctant to use protein powders and supplements but decided to bite the bullet and give it a go, and the result has been surprising delicious and nutritious. 

After doing lots of reading, I decided to try Reflex Diet Protein, Reflex is a small company based in Brighton and uses huge amounts of research and technology to make their fitness supplements. They also have a huge range of types of protein and flavours as well as have a minimum of 80% protein in their shakes. 

My husband has been using their products for years so I thought I'd take the plunge and try the diet version of their protein powder.

The diet protein comes in a few different flavours, but I went for the banoffee version, super yum. Its high protein with less calories and additional ingredients which help with metabolism and weight loss.

With this in mind I've invented the Samira Super Power Shake.

1 Scoop of good quality protein powder
1 espresso shot
1 banana
250ml of soya, almond or dairy milk


1. Make your espresso first and let it cool in the fridge (alternatively you can add ice at the end)
2) Using a smoothie maker, add the protein and the milk and blend until smooth
3) Break the banana into pieces and add
4) Add the Espresso shot
5) Serve

Its super yummy and good for you!

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