Friday, 15 November 2013

Pre marathon training training

So as you know I've signed up for a marathon. Its not until May so I'm planning to start my training in December with 6 months to go.

I wanted to start my training from a baseline of being generally quite fit, so have been trying out lots of new classes to gain a bit of overall fitness in the month of november, and its been a really nice break from just running.

So here's what I've been up to.

Military Fitness

Once or twice a week I head to Bootcamp Physical Training in Northampton (because that is where the NHS have sent me for a year) and do there Military Fitness class. Its an outdoor, headtorch lit, running through the woods type scenario with loads of variety and a great bunch of folks. Its tough, but I've already noticed a huge different in my general fitness in only a month.


Now I used to be petrified of spinning, all those superfit people sweating buckets, but I joined Pure Gym for its cheap membership and 24 hour access (only 15.99 a month!) and thought I'd give it a go! I love it! Its fast paced and always makes you feel like you've had a great work out. They have spin classes everyday ranging from 30 mins to an hour.

I've always wanted to be good at yoga. But never quite got there. All the slim toned yogi's sort of put me off. But I know its suppose to be really good for runners so I've been trying to go at Pure Gym once a week and have crazily booked a yoga (and surf) retreat in India in March at Soul and Surf

Long Run

I do love a long sunday run, and have been trying to keep this up during my pre marathon training training. Love it. I try and do between 6 - 10 miles a time. and have been trying to mix it up by running different routes each week.

So, what do you think?

How do you train when your not training for an event?

I did something silly....

So, this time last year I couldn't and wouldn't run. I hated it. and now I'm a convert, I've done something a little bit silly.

So, I took the plunge and signed up for a marathon!

In a wildly optimistic gesture I put in for a london marathon ballot place with my dad, seasoned marathon runner as its his 60th next year and he had said he'd only ever do another marathon if me or my brother joined him.

Unfortunately he got a ballot place and I didnt, so we decided to go for Edinburgh Marathon instead!

I actually went to university in Edinburgh, so thought it would be a good place to run as I know the sights and can visualise the route.

Here's the link to the big event!

So now starts the training, prep, blood sweat and tears!

First step find a marathon training plan that doesn't make me want to cry....

Any ideas?