Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A year of running.....

So exactly one year ago today I first laced up my trainers and went for my first run. 

It was a baby 1.4 miles with lots of walking, but arriving home the endopines were pumping and I finally realised maybe running wasn't God's punishment for eating cake.

2 months later I did my first 10km race at the energizer night run and I was hooked. A year on 5 medals later, I honestly don't know what I'd do without running.

This week I've did my longest race of 15km last weekend with my first half marathon in Paris this weekend. I never dreamt if ever be 'sporty' let alone a 'runner' and I wouldn't have made it here without the amazing support of my trainer at London fields fitness and the twitter community of runners spurring me on!

Thanks guys!

Here's to the next year! Tons more races on the cards and my first marathon!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Samira's super power shake

I have a new personal trainer who keeps telling me to eat more protein. In addition every health and fitness magazine is promoting high protein diets at the moment. I've always been a bit reluctant to use protein powders and supplements but decided to bite the bullet and give it a go, and the result has been surprising delicious and nutritious. 

After doing lots of reading, I decided to try Reflex Diet Protein, Reflex is a small company based in Brighton and uses huge amounts of research and technology to make their fitness supplements. They also have a huge range of types of protein and flavours as well as have a minimum of 80% protein in their shakes. 

My husband has been using their products for years so I thought I'd take the plunge and try the diet version of their protein powder.

The diet protein comes in a few different flavours, but I went for the banoffee version, super yum. Its high protein with less calories and additional ingredients which help with metabolism and weight loss.

With this in mind I've invented the Samira Super Power Shake.

1 Scoop of good quality protein powder
1 espresso shot
1 banana
250ml of soya, almond or dairy milk


1. Make your espresso first and let it cool in the fridge (alternatively you can add ice at the end)
2) Using a smoothie maker, add the protein and the milk and blend until smooth
3) Break the banana into pieces and add
4) Add the Espresso shot
5) Serve

Its super yummy and good for you!

Book review: runners world cook book

I am slightly cook book obsessed, as you can see, so I was delighted when Runner's World launched a cook book just before christmas, and even more delighted when someone bought it for me! Its quickly become one of my most used Christmas presents and been super helpful for fueling marathon training.

The book starts with a section on "how to eat like a runner" and talks about nutritional needs of runners for effective running and recovery. Its really well written without being over sciencey but packed with useful information.

It also helpfully labels each recipe with a variety of tags, low cal, fast, pre race, recovery, which is awesome! 

Sections include: Breakfast, snacks and smoothies, salads, soups, pizza and tons of other things.

I think I found it most useful for baking snacks such as these banana oat energy bars and for finding healthy pasta recipes, as well as great quick and easy soups and stews. You can buy it here on Amazon.

Why coming last isn't always terrible: race recap dorney lakes 15km

  As part of my marathon training, I've been trying to book up lots of races to build up my long runs, so I was delighted to find out about The Windsor and Eton Winter Fun Run Race Series at Dorney Lakes after reading about it on Leah's Blog. They were offering a 5km, 10km or 15km option race, and have these races about once a month until April this year, with the latter races offering a 20km option as well.

I arrived super nervous, and having signed up for the 15km, the longest distance I've raced so far, and my longest run this year. The set up was great, with a mini race village, complete with food and drink stalls for spectators and a few stalls setting supplements etc. Dorney Lakes is Eton's Rowing Centre and where the Olympic Rowing was, it was so beautiful and a really lovely place to run.

As we arrived, the morning duathlon was finishing, which Dame Kelly Holmes was racing! Despite there being two events running, one after the other, the organisation was flawless. The stewarts were cheering and helpful. Registration was easy and we got our goodie bags before event starting, complete with zero cal red bull and an electrolyte supplement. 

The Race was laps of a 5 km course, with around 300 people competing but only 55 people doing the 15km race. 

We started off, with me lining up right at the back, and ran down through the trees to the end of the lake. With several attire disasters (sports bra breaking and hair band snapping) but the 2 km I was settling into my stride and feeling good. We turned about 3 km at the end of the lakes and ran back down the middle which was stunning, with cheers as we passed through the race village ready for lap two. 

I took a gel and started my pack of baby jelly babies as we passed through 5km and was feeling good starting the second lap. 

The runners were getting a bit sparse at this point, but I just tried to focus on keeping my slow and steady pace, passing the 10km point at 1 hr 10 mins. 

Starting the last lap, I knew I was at the back, I hadn't seen another runner for a while, but the stewarts were cheering me on and the competitors that had finishes were clapping and cheering.

The last lap was tough, but I kept consistently running and when I got to the 12km mark new I could do it!

Running into the finish line, last over the line, the cheers were huge from the organisers and those competitors that were left. It felt great. Longest run, and an ok time of 1:51 for 15km. I was chuffed.

The good: The course was great, the organisation was amazing, probably one of the best organised races I've been too, great choice of 3 distances, great medal at the end

The bad: The only bad things I can say is no bag drop, and few participants doing the 15km

Overall a fantastic and well organised friendly race!