Saturday, 29 June 2013

London Fields Fitness

After years of trying to find ways to exercise that didnt leave me soul destroyed and depressed, last year I discovered the delightful London Fields Fitness Studio in East London. It was on the boy's bday last year, with the big 3-0 approaching we made a list of things we wanted to achieve before the 3-0 milestone and  I suggested we aimed to be the fittest we'd ever been by thirty.

We'd both had gym memberships in the past, but will little accountability neither of us got very far with getting fit. I had a personal trainer once before and found it a fantastic way of getting fit, especially having someone who knows what they're talking about and has a go at you if you don't work hard enough.

We discovered London Fields Fitness through simple googling, and started training with Roger back in November. A great thing about the studio is you pay for your PT and get lots of the classes in the week for free.

The PT sessions were and continue to be tough, with Roger gently raising the bar week in week out. But actually, the whole process has been really enjoyable! And I always look forward to our sessions, even if they end up being 8 am on a sunday morning. We both quickly saw results, not just physically, but in our actual fitness. And it was so nice doing exercise outside in our local parks. Fantastic. Roger listens to clients and really tailors training plans to their goals, despite the boy and I wanting very different things from our sessions, Roger found ways to make the sessions work for us both.

The classes are great as well. With all the trainers being friendly and fun, and the clients equally friendly!

Here's the low down on a few of my favourite classes that I've tried

1. Run Hackney

So obviously this is a running class, it took me a long time to get the guts to tried it. Ade is a great trainer, adapting the sessions depending on everyone's running experience. And she was extremely encouraging of each client there, with tailored advice on each person's running style. Amazing. She also run's other running workshops and is park of Good Gym, a running group that does community projects around east london and  she is definately a good egg.

2. Fit to the Core

This class started at the beginning of the year, run by the lovely but tough Jo. She focuses of general fitness, regular fitness testing, intervals and lots and lots of core. You'll feel like you're gonna die at points. But it works! Its one of my favourite classes at the studio.

3. Circuits with Roger

The loveliest circuits class at London fields. Tough but with a lovely bunch of regulars and Roger's very cheesy music collection. The class can be adapted to suit your fitness, with Roger pushing you to do harder exercises if he thinks your not working hard enough!

4. London Fields Army boot Camp

I'm not gonna lie, this was always the scariest class for me. And it took a good 5/6 months before I actually tried it. To make matters worse, the first time I went I was the only girl there. PANIC. But its a really fun class. Different ever week with lots of cardio and tough exercises whilst being shouted at by the lovely Dean (he's much friendlier than you think he'll be). And actually being the only girl was great. All the boys were cheering me along!

5. Warriors

90 mins of fitness and boxing? your having a laugh. For those dedicated enough to give up their friday evening! A really tough class but with lots of encouragement, no matter how slow you run or how few press ups you can do! Great if you want to see results fast!

Happy Training


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