Saturday, 29 June 2013

Running Events so far

A huge part of my motivation to keep running is booking into running events, particularly when I first started running and struggled to find the motivation to get out the door. I've done two events to date, Energizer night run and the We own the night Nike and Elle Magazine 10km. Here's a little about those two runs and some top tips for race day.

Energizer Night Run

This was my first ever running event. I was terrified. I booked it after a few pitiful runs as something to work towards, and to distract me from the life altering exams I was about to do. I chose this as my first race as it looked fun and a lot less intimidating that most of the other races I looked at. I stuck to the training plan on their website and despite still being painfully slow, made it to race day.
(I'm the midget in the middle) 

The run itself was a night,with the start and after party in a huge venue with a lots of entertainment, food and most importantly a bar for afterwards (although before may have been a good idea considering how nervous I was!!) Luckily I'd bullied the boy and BFF to do the run with me. The entire run was done with head torches on and luminous orange tee shirts.

Approaching the start I was petrified, but my trusty playlist of my fave running songs pushed me through the start line, and I didn't stop running until the end. Completing the 10km and running the whole thing was such a huge achievement for me and I was buzzing at the end, with a time of 1:06.

First ever medal - Yeay!!!

We own the night

Having completed my first 10km, I promptly came home and signed up for another 10km and a half marathon. We own the night was a women's only 10km in my local Victoria Park, where I do a lot of my training. Again it sounded fun and not so intimidating. However, I hadn't managed to bully anyone to do it with me, so this time I turned up alone, pertified and feeling a little unfit after 2 weeks of training with a bad case of the flu. Again we had a luminous orange top, but this time made from the nike tri fit which was great!

The start was a little disorganised and busy but we soon got into the flow of things. The boy and a few friends came to cheer me on, a god send at 6km when I felt like I might die. I did beat my time by 2 mins, which was great considering the flu, and the atmosphere was fantastic, but I didn't really enjoy doing the run on my own. But still 1:04. The toughest bit was all my training had been in freezing January - March and I hadn't done any running in the heat. It was an extremely warm and humid day, and I just wasn't prepared for it!

Did anyone else do these runs? What did you think?


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